Recent Truck Accident in Georgia

Recent Truck Accident in Georgia

On December 28, 2009, a semi truck plowed into the rear end of a minivan carrying a man, a woman, and three children. One of the children, aged three, was killed instantly.

The Thornton family was heading south on I-95, just about forty miles south of Savannah, GA, when it happened. The truck driver was likely under the influence or fatigued, as he drove up behind the minivan at a speed of 70 mph. Heavy traffic had forced the family to brake to 5 miles per hour, but the driver wasn’t paying attention to the traffic and just kept going. The force of the accident was so intense that both vehicles rolled off the side of the road and into the nearby forest, knocking down several trees before coming to rest in the marsh water. One can’t imagine how traumatic it must have been for the Thorntons.

The driver of the minivan, Susan Thornton, was placed in critical condition, and her husband and two of her children suffered serious injuries. The father, Daniel Thornton, suffered a broken jaw, her five-year-old daughter has a broken leg, foot and arm, and her eight-year-old son suffered a cracked skull. Her youngest son, Sean Thornton, was in a car seat at the time and suffered severe head trauma when the car imploded and flipped over.

It is unclear whether the driver, Willie Hill of Freightliner, faced any criminal charges. However, he was definitely liable for them, as reports show that he didn’t even hit the brakes before he crashed into the back of the Thorntons’ car. The case of the Thorntons is one of a family desperately needing legal representation. Anecdotal reports and rumors indicate that Freightliner lawyers were actively attempting to discourage the Thorntons from seeking damages, in direct violation of Georgia bar rules that would see their professional licenses revoked.

They will stop at nothing to save the millions of dollars that families like the Thorntons deserve. You need a legal representative to stand up for your rights against the freight companies. Nation-wide, large trucks, tractor trailers, and commercial trucks only make up about 3% of all the vehicles on the road, yet they account for up to 10% of all traffic fatalities. As Willie Hill demonstrated, a big rig is a fatal instrument in the wrong hands. Only trained lawyers can hold the Freightliners of the world accountable for the safety of the rest of the drivers and families on the road.

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